About Us

The Urban League of London is an umbrella group whose members include a number of neighbourhood and ratepayer associations in the city of London, as well as a smaller set of (primarily) environmental or heritage community organizations.  Individuals with an interest in urban or civic matters may also become individual members of the League.

The League meets in open session monthly, except in June, July, August and December, on the  last Thursday of the month at Grosvenor Lodge (1017 Western Road).  Meetings begin at 7 p.m., and all are welcome to attend.

By virtue of our registration as a registered charity, we are required to be non-partisan in our work.  In practice, we attempt to be transpartisan.  We simply don’t find labels of Right and Left to be particularly useful to our purposes.  Attempts by others to label our civic activism almost always speaks more clearly to their particular agenda than to ours.

Our agenda is clear:  we believe that strong and connected neighbourhoods are the buildings blocks of a vital, successful, and sustainable city.  We believe that the engaged and informed citizen is the foundation of these strong and connected neighbourhoods.  Buildings these connections and advocating for our members is what we do. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than forty years.