Green Umbrella & Green Brick Awards

The Urban League of London annually recognizes exceptional individuals and outstanding developments in the city of London at our Annual General Meeting with the awarding of our Green Umbrella and Green Brick awards.

The Green Umbrella Award

The Urban League of London gives this award annually to an individual, or occasionally to an organization, demonstrating outstanding community citizenship and leadership in the city of London, as evidenced by a significant body of work.  It reflects our commitment to recognizing the efforts of citizens working to improve the lives of our fellow Londoners.

2016  Michelle Baldwin
2015  Mary Starnaman
2014  Stephen Harding
2013  Shawn Adamsson
2012  Maryanne MacDonald
2011  Dorothy Stolarski
2010  Dr. Jane Bowles
2009  Gosse Van Oosten
2008  ReForest London
2007  Hank Vander Laan
2006  Sandy Levin
2005  Bob Sheill
2004  Diane Szoller
2003  Friends of the Coves
2002  Families First [in White Oaks], Ken Sumnall
2001  Stephen Bucciarelli, Ann Chisholm, Bill De Young
2000  Dave & Winifred Wake, Rosemary Dickinson
1999  Nan Finlayson
1998  Kim Pratt
1997  Jean Bernice Brooke
1996  John Hamilton
1995  Connie Cunningham
1994  Jeff Henderson
1993  Wil Harlock
1992  Tom Crerar
1991  Margaret MacGee
1990  William Hitchens
1989  Jim Madden
1988  Ann and David Lindsay
1987  Ormah Gibson
1986  Carl McNorgan
1985  Joseph Cummins
1984  E.V. Buchanan
1983  Joan Smith, Janet McEwan
1981  Mary Van Sickle
1980  William Marshall
1978  Jane Bigelow, Evelyn Crooks, Bruce & Joe Shawyer
1977  Ted Gauci
1976  Wilma Bolton, Dr. Irving Vinger
1975  John White, MPP

The Green Brick Award

The Urban League of London gives this award annually to recognize an outstanding built form project in the city, usually where the development has engaged citizens at both the planning and development stages of the project.

2016  The Cube, Arcane, Architects Tillman Ruth Robinson, Kim Morphy, York Developments, Zedd Architecture
2015  London Roundhouse, Creative Property Development Inc. and Ellipsis Digital/Engine SevenFour
2014  Unique Food Attitudes, 697 Dundas Street, Barbara Cycz
2013  Centretown Seniors Affordable Housing Project, 637 Dundas St., Jens Stickling
2012  Infrastructure Ontario, The Ventin Group, Chris Bentley MPP
2011  Joint Awards: Stoney Creek Community Centre, YMCA, London Public Library AND The Red Antiquities Building
2010  The Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion, U.W.O.
2009  The London Potters Guild, 664 Dundas Street
2007  The Sisters of St. Joseph Residence, 485 Windermere Road
2005  Queen’s Village for Seniors, 518 Queen’s Avenue
2004  Home for Hospice, 837 Talbot Street
2003  Central Library, 215 Dundas Street
2001  Public Walkways along Stoney Creek
2000  Covent Garden Market
1999  London Community Players, The Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas Street
1998  Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre
1997  Boyle Memorial Community Centre Park
1996  289 Dufferin Avenue
1995  The Greg Curnoe Connection Bicycle Tunnel
1994  Joint Awards:  23-24 Becher Street AND The Mechanics Institute, 231 Dundas Street
1992  Market Tower, Dundas & Richmond Streets
1991  680 Waterloo Street
1989  123 St. George Street
1988  The London Armories Hotel
1987  Warner Place @ Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church
1985  Community Homes of Southwestern Ontario. 190-207 Wortley Road
1984  The Cherryhill Apartment Complex

How to Nominate

Any individual may make a nomination. The nomination should include:

  1. A short description [one page or less] of why the nominee merits this award. The nomination should include specifics, e.g. names, dates, what was done, scope, etc.
  2. The mailing address and telephone number of the nominee.
  3. The name, mailing address and telephone number of the individual or individuals making this nomination.

Nominations must be received by May 25th, 2016 and can be Emailed to: wkinghorn [at] projectedimages [dot] ca

The Awards Evening is held at the AGM in June.