Our Objectives

The Urban League of London is a Charitable Corporation without Share Capital (Corporation Number 0283130) registered with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. The corporation received its Letters Patent on February 22, 1974.

The Charitable Objectives of the Urban League of London are:

(i)    To represent the common interests of the League before the appropriate bodies, public and private; and,
(ii)    To study and promote the well-being of the city of London; and,
(iii)    To encourage the citizens of the city of London to participate actively in, and become informed about, community and civic affairs.

On July 18, 1978, the Urban League of London was granted status as a Registered Charity.  Our charity number is 119260834RR0001.  Information on our charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency can be found here.

Statement of Core Principles

Over the years, in the course of representing the common interests of our members, the League has accepted a number of key principles as integral to its ongoing activities.  They were codified in 2010 as our Statement of Core Principles.

  1. We believe that liveable neighbourhoods are the building blocks of a vibrant city.
  2. We advocate for greater and more meaningful citizen participation in the public affairs of the city.  To make this possible, the City of London must conduct its business in an open, transparent and accountable way.
  3. We espouse no particular political philosophy and are committed to collaborative decision-making in the conduct of our affairs.
  4. We support the City in the design and implementation of public policy and services that are funded fairly and provide citizens with a high quality of life.
  5. We value the role that art and culture play in making our city an interesting place in which to live.
  6. We are committed in our support of well-designed initiatives that foster ecological awareness, sustainable development and the principles of good stewardship of our shared resources.
  7. We support orderly and well-managed growth that is sustainable and that allow the City to continue to provide high quality services.
  8. We believe that the built, cultural and natural heritage of the city is a key public good, that adaptive re-use of our built heritage is an important strategy in its conservation, and that the City must take a strong leadership role in conserving our heritage assets.