Community Organizations

Community organizations are generally organized around a particular interest – the environment, heritage conservation, and the like – or a particular feature of the natural heritage landscape of the city – as in a number of our Friends of … members.

While there are hundreds of these kinds of community organizations in the city, about a dozen of them are members of the Urban League. Organizations such as these opt to become members of the Urban League because our aims are generally aligned.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Formed in 1966 in response to the threatened destruction of London’s original financial district on Ridout Street, the London Region Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO), is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting, preserving and interpreting the architectural heritage of the London area.


CAN-BIKE (London)

The CAN-BIKE program provides nationally standardized courses that can be taught through a variety of groups, interested in education, safety and health.

Facebook (CAN-BIKE Canada)

Friends of Meadowlily Woods

The Friends of Meadowlily Woods is a not-for-profit community organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the natural area, Meadowlily Woods. The Meadowlily Woods ESA is a key feature of the city’s natural environment.


London Cycle Link

London Cycle Group is a volunteer-driven organization that advocates on behalf of all Londoners to make London a safe, healthy, cycle-friendly city. Partnering with local businesses, community groups, non-profits and city hall, London Cycle Group campaigns for better bike lanes and roads, promotes cycling safety to motorists and cyclists, and organizes events and promotions to get more cyclists on the road.


Mantis Arts & Eco Association

Mantis is a non-profit organization based in London, Ontario. Mantis Arts & Eco Organization is dedicated to creating a city that is artistically vibrant and ecologically regenerative. We organize events such as the Mantis Arts & Eco Festival and Mother Earth Month that combine art and culture with ecological awareness and engagement.


Nature London

Nature London (McIlwraith Field Naturalists) is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of nature. Nature London members come from all walks of life and share a common interest in natural history. The roots of the club go back to 1864 when William Saunders began a natural history society devoted to the study of insects. In 1890 his son, W.E. Saunders, organized a birding section. Today, the interests and activities of club members encompass all aspects of natural history and conservation in London and Middlesex County.


North East London Community Engagement (NELCE)

North East London Community Engagement (NELCE) is a resident-based, action-oriented volunteer group celebrating and strengthening the community of Northeast London. NELCE is a forum for residents to voice concerns and issues. We support a strong sense of community pride and participation, provide opportunities for community leadership, and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of London’s Northeast.

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Northeast Community Conversations Group [NECC]

Northeast Community Conversations Group (NECC) is an informal, intergenerational, grassroots, collective of London residents who are passionate about building healthy communities and promoting transformative change through respectful dialogue and shared thinking. Between September and June each year, NECC organizes and facilitates free, inclusive community events, held in safe spaces within which Londoners can engage in candid, respectful dialogue on a diverse range of broad-based hot topics which influence, involve and affect our way of life, our city, or our country. NECC also supports London’s growing ethno-cultural population and diversity by hosting unique, cultural sharing awareness events through its “The Inside Scoop On…”series.


ReForest London

ReForest London is a charitable non-profit organization that is dedicated to partnering with our community to plant One Million Trees to enhance environmental and human health in the Forest City.

, Director of Programs

Thames Region Ecological Association

TREA is a local, non-profit, registered charity whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness to its members and the community of London for the development of an ecologically responsible and sustainable future encouraging citizen participation in environmental issues, and promoting and/or facilitating innovative projects that contribute to the community.


Women and Politics

Women and Politics London is a citizen-led initiative that looks to engage and increase the participation of women in the political landscape. We host social events, develop educational resources and tools, participate in political activities and connect women with their community and each other. Women and Politics is an open group for all women regardless of their political affiliation or knowledge of politics.