Useful Links

Have you seen a sign on a property saying Possible Land Use Change? Are you curious to find out where planning applications have been made in your neighbourhood? Use the City of London’s Interactive Map to satisfy your curiosity.

London’s Zoning By-law is the method of segregating land uses within the city by regulating where different land uses are permitted.  Both the text version of the Z-1 Zoning By-law and mapping can be accessed here.

London’s Official Plan is a statement of goals, objectives and policies, which are intended to guide the future development of the City.  The document provides an overall picture of how land should be developed and used in the future. The Official Plan also contains land use plans identifying the long term use of various areas of the City (i.e. commercial, residential, industrial, open space, etc.). London’s Official Plan can be accessed here.

To obtain a list of all of the city’s by-laws, click here.